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Price quote for a webpage with our company

There is no universal price for a webpage. To give you a detailed quote for a webpage, we’ll start with a personalized study of each client’s idea. All websites are unique, which is why we need to detail each and every page or function that your project will include, and our team of programmers will review each point.

A professional programmer will estimate the price based on the major points to be developed in your idea after performing a study of your business, unlike freelancers who give generic fixed quotes with no previous study of the client’s needs.

We’ll lay out all the steps we will take for you, because behind every quote is an analysis performed by our team, which we would like to share with our clients.

Steps to provide a quote for your idea

After receiving the form from the client with all the necessary information, we’ll conduct a study of the competition. If, for example, our client needs a landing page for their online consulting business in Madrid, we will search for the competitors with the top positions in search engines, because these businesses are working successfully and the goal is to build a profitable website for our clients, with a modern, optimized design. This will also help us to improve on your idea, making suggestions and contributing ideas that could be useful to your future potential customers.

Next, our agency will analyze the code of the sample website the client has sent us, whether a competitor’s webpage or any other site that the client likes. We’ll analyze the code to see if it is up-to-date, since many of the example sites we receive do not have a responsive structure that would allow them to adapt to the smaller screens of smartphones and tablets; non-responsive sites have been penalized by Google for several years. Today, all of our designs come with this type of programming.

Cost of the webpage

The cost will depend on the time it takes us to create each part of the website and on its difficulty. Programming the same functions is very different in html5, css or code for mobile applications, whether for iOS, Android or Windows Phone.

Once we have the client’s idea, with a similar website that you like and all the parts that it will include, we will give you an approximate quote for the cost.

We’ll send you an email with all the details broken down, as well as recommendations to improve your website and their associated costs.